Topsygel – Concentrated Lightening Face Lotion 150ml


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Enriched with Calendula extract, this purifying lotion is also a softener and a softener which makes the skin softer and more elastic. Formulated with Licorice and Kojic Acid extracts, Topsygel Lightening Face Lotion brightens the skin, evens out and brightens the complexion; rich in antioxidants, so useful in limiting the signs of skin aging.  It therefore helps fight against the signs of photoaging and thanks to its salicylic acid content, helps rid the skin of imperfections and promotes a more even complexion.
Results :Cleanses the skin and removes excess sebumRemoves all residual impurities accumulated on the skinLightens pigment spotsUnifies the appearance of the skin.
Active subtances :
Glycerin : moisturizing agent for the skin and hair, glycerin is a transparent, odorless and viscous liquid with a very slightly sweet taste.  Its origin comes from vegetable oils and helps to soften the skin, fight against skin dryness, smooth the skin and provide suppleness.
Arctostaphylos leuva ursi af extract (Bearberry leaf extract) : antioxidant, it produces an anti-aging effect, slightly exfoliates, thus brightens the skin and helps reduce skin imperfections
Salicylic acid : is a colorless crystalline solid that is naturally found in certain plants, such as willow, meadowsweet and many fruits. It helps rid the epidermis of blackheads, blackheads and other impurities and makes the skin look cleaner and healthier.  Salicylic acid penetrates deep into the pores, gently exfoliating dead skin cells.
Directions for use of Topsygel Lightening Face Lotion :Topsygel lightening lotion is ideal for correcting unsightly spots.  Apply Topsygel Lightening Face Lotion to the entire face and neck with a cotton ball.  Insist on stains and imperfections without rubbing


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